Deleted scenes are scenes which are originally intended for the film Titanic, but are cut before release for various reasons.

List of deleted scenes Edit

Rose, Trudy and Cal bedroom scene Edit

The scene begins as Rose enters the bedroom holding a painting with Trudy, after having her taste in arts mocked by Cal. Rose puts the painting near a mirror, while Trudy remarks how brand new everything is. As Trudy begins to unbutton Rose's jacket, Cal enters, and gestures Trudy to leave. He comes up behind her and put his hands on her shoulders. Rose responds with a kiss in his cheek.

Old Rose explains the Heart of the Ocean scene Edit

Having remembered being gifted the Heart of the Ocean by Cal, an old Rose tells Lovett and his crew that she can still feel its weight. Bodine laughs at the fact that Rose was attempting suicide by jumping off the Titanic, remarking that she could have just waited 2 days for its fateful sinking. Realizing that hours have passed, Lovett questions Rose about the diamond. Rose dodges the question and says that she is tired. Lizzy wheels Rose to her bedroom.